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Providing specialist insight on all things aviation, Corporate Jet Investor delivers expert advice to high-flying customers wishing to expand business portfolios with news, videos, and market analysis of the corporate jet, and helicopter, world.

In return for a monthly subscription fee, they offer a premium service that guarantees strong, well-researched, independent information, setting them apart from global competition.

We caught up with Alasdair Whyte, editor of, to learn more about the group and its unique approach to this lucrative market.


Can you give us a brief overview of Corporate Jet Investor?

Corporate Jet Investor launched in 2010, with a focus on how to buy and finance business jets and helicopters. We started during the depths of the credit crunch, at a time when buyers of aircraft were having trouble finding finance.

Our members include aircraft manufacturers, banks, aircraft brokers and lawyers from all over the world. The site also has a free news section, which attracts about 35,000 unique visitors each month.

How do you interact with your members?

We publish news emails every week (one for business jets and one for helicopters). We get a lot of reaction to these and they are a fantastic way of catching up with subscribers.

“SubHub has been with us from the start…I was so excited when I discovered the platform because it’s solved all my troubles.”

We also spend a lot of time meeting our members at trade shows, association meetings, other conferences and in their offices. Last year we attended conferences all over the world, from Malta and the Isle of Man, to the US and Nigeria.

Do you ever run special events, either online or in the real world?

Events are a core part of Corporate Jet Investor. We run annual conferences in London, Hong Kong and Miami as well as training courses and other ad hoc events. More than 450 people attend our largest conference in London.

How has SubHub enabled you to grow?

SubHub has been with us from the start. We initially launched Corporate Jet Investor as a part time business (with the permission of my employer at the time, which happened to be one of the world’s largest corporate magazine publishers).

I was considering building the site from scratch but then I discovered SubHub’s membership software, which has been a great help. I was so excited when I discovered the platform because it’s solved all my troubles.

We don’t require an in-house web development department because SubHub provide all of our support, and they’re always on hand with advice on new things we should consider.

If you’re thinking about setting up a SubHub site, why not see how the other half live and check out Corporate Jet Investor for some inspiration.

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Private Jet – by Matt Mordfin taken from Flickr under Creative Commons license


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