First Articles - The Glue That Makes Them Stick

First Articles- The Glue That Makes Them Stick

Depending on what your website is about, you should launch it with some good quality and unique content in the member area. You need to ensure that your first subscribers have a good experience.
If a new member does not perceive they are getting value for money from the first time they visit, they will probably cancel and never come back.
As one successful website publisher put it, a subscriber should feel they have got a year's worth of value within five minutes of logging into the site for the first time.

Think about how you achieve this.
An example is to have articles that clearly give advice on saving or making more money than the subscription price itself:

  • “Ten Ways Your Restaurant Could Save £1,000 a Year”
  • “How to Turn £100 into £1,000 on eBay in Just Seven Days”
  • “Free Employment Contract That Would Cost You £500 for Your Lawyer to Draft”
It is vital that your early members have a good experience on the site. They are more likely to do this if there is plenty for them to read in the premium content area as soon as they join.
Some publishers will have existing content that they can add. Others will need to write it all from scratch.
Invest some time getting this in place before you launch. Your first subscribers are the most important.

It is difficult to say how much content you should write, but as an indication, 30 articles should give subscribers a good sense of the site's value.