Design Your Website For Your Visitors, Not For You

Most websites that win design awards are not great websites. Infact many provide a very poor experience for their users.

Awards are usually given to sites that are different and stand out from the crowd, but this often means they have non-standard navigation, lots of flash animations and unique design elements.
The more non-standard variations they have the less intuitive they are to use. Visitors have to think about what they need to do to get the information or result they want.

The more your visitors have to think the more likely they are to give up and go somewhere else. One click and they're gone.

The number one rule of web design is:

"There is no such thing as a dumb web user, there are just dumb websites"

Always design your site for your audience, not for yourself. Everything within the design should be aimed at making your visitor's life easier. Don't make them have to think.

Your top three design priorities should ALWAYS be to make you site


...clear and


For this reason don't give your web designer free reign.

Designers want to win awards.