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Providing free online resources for scientists and laboratory professionals, Lab Bulletin have created a great way to monetize their content. Using Google Ads throughout the site, which are targeted specifically at their target audience, they can offer their content for free rather than through paid memberships.

The site has been customised with a bespoke design to compliment their branding and preferred layout. The site owners also upgraded the site with a customised supplier directory, so companies can use the site to update their profiles and visitors to contact them via the embedded contact form.

Launched: 2009


Drum Channel

If you’re a drummer, or just picking up the sticks for the first time, this site is a Mecca for budding artists. The site is packed with resources, including lessons, masterclasses, live shows by some of the biggest drummers in the business.

The Drum Channel team continuously update the site design, to keep up with trends and their audience. Using their own team of designers, and sometimes our technical team, they have been able to produce a fully customized site that looks current and eye catching.

Launched: 2010

Yoga Netra

Readers Theater All Year

This site provides users with an extensive online resource of scripts and stories. Members can download the articles and scripts to use within their classrooms and teaching activities.

Carol and her husband Alan, were new to online publishing and website management, and have been able to navigate the platform with ease. They built up this successful membership website with the help of the support team and their determination to succeed in their goals.

Their site design was completed in 2012, with lots of help and input from Carol, providing a completely unique and personalized look which complements her style perfectly.

Launched: 2010


Climb Strong

The site provides climbers with news, training videos and much much more. They launched with a custom design, and recently the site has undergone another makeover, which has maximised the homepage content, so visitors get more chance to see what they are missing!

Members can also enjoy discount through the integrated store, and offline training seminars. Climb Strong have covered all angles and make great use of the different ways to monetize their niche subject.

Launched: 2012


Healthcare Chaplaincy approached SubHub to help them to digitalize their publications and help them better manage their memberships.

Their archive, which is only available to members, dates back to 2004 so it was necessary to import their files and organise online to help users locate certain newsletter issues.

The design was applied by their own team and compliments their main site.

Launched: 2013

Heart Strong

Heart Strong was created by Steven Lome, who is a Cardiologist trying to promote a heart healthy lifestyle and to educate the world about heart disease prevention.

The Wheatbelly Lifestyle Institute

A site dedicated to providing knowledge and support for anyone living a wheat-free life. The team behind the site, The Wheatbelly Lifestyle Institute, wanted to provide online courses and support articles, which has been possible using the SubHub platform. Members can also access recipes, videos and engage with other members in the forum area.

The site has benefited from a SubHub custom design, which compliments their branding and also looks current and easy to navigate around the different sections.

Launched: 2013

Western Group of Motoring Writers

The group of writers migrated over to SubHub shortly before their 30th Anniversary. The site enables the editors to publish their newsletters and musings online for their members to access the content and also contact information for other writers in the group.

The design was created by the SubHub team, with a straightforward template upgrade which makes the site look professional and in keeping with their slick style.

Launched: 2012


An online community of biotech traders, who offer their advice and expertise to others in the field. They provides live updates and live chat so members can keep up to date with the latest updates. Webinars are also included within the subscription costs and the site owners have plugged in a third party solution to offer this feature.

The template has been upgraded to customise the look of the site, whilst keeping it simple and elegant.

Launched: 2010

Line Advisor

LineAdvisor is a subscriber service which provides quantitative line analysis, uniquely assessed team and conference rankings and value-graded, odds-based recommendations to the sports enthusiast community. The site has benefited from custom development to enable the site owner to upload their statistics and display them easily through the site. This has reduced the need for manual updates and speeds up the process considerably.

The site recently launched a brand new design and is now responsive and easily viewable across mobile devices.

Launched: 2011

Don Connelly 24/7

Don Connelly is one of our many experts and the team behind the site have expertly used the SubHub platform to monetize his knowledge and guidance of the financial services industry.

Using the SubHub publishing platform to post articles and embed webinars and podcasts, members have a plethora of resources available to them. The site offers different levels of membership to suit all budgets and requirements and subscribers also benefit from discounts in the integrated store.

As with a number of other clients this SubHub site is used in conjunction with their main site. So all membership activities and income generating streams are managed through their SubHub site.

Launched: 2009


Bekah is an aerobics teacher, and wanted to create this membership site so she could offer an additional service online. The site contains both video workouts, recipes and fitness tips to help her members achieve their fitness goals.

The site has had a design upgrade, and looks fresh and bright, with easy to follow navigation.

Launched: 2010