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How does this work?

Create a trial site here, and test out the platform features to see if SubHub is a good fit for you. We are on hand to help you get familiarized with how the features work and also offer some tips and suggestions along the way - to ensure you get the most of out of SubHub. The trial sites come with all our features set up and ready to be used - you just won’t be able to take payments or allow members to sign up.

Once you are happy that SubHub is the right platform for you, upgrade the site via your control panel. After your payment is processed your site will change from ‘trial’ to ‘live’ so all your hard work will be saved and your site will be ready to launch!

Can I use my own domain name?

Sure! It’s usually a quick switch to make this happen. You will need to purchase a domain name and update your settings to use your own domain name, but we are here to help if you are new to this process.

What do I need to get started?

Ideas and enthusiasm are always useful! Make a plan and share it with the SubHub team as we can offer some guidance to help get you started. You should get some content together before you start your SubHub trial - this will help you to get started with your membership site sooner rather wait for content to be finalised which is often why site launches are delayed.

I’ve never had a website before, does that matter?

Absolutely not, the SubHub platform is perfect for both rookies and experts. We would suggest that if you are a little nervous about getting started, book a support call with our team who can give you a quick SubHub crash course.

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