Step 10 - Launch your site 

Once you have completed steps 1 - 9 you should now be in a position to launch your site.

To do this, you now need to point your registered domain name to your development site.
This is done through the company your domain name is registered with.

  • You need to login to your domain registrar control panel and access the DNS settings.
  • Within this area, you should have the ability to change the CNAME record.
  • Once you have found the CNAME record facility, you need to set your domain name to point to this is the url of the site we created for you.
  • Once you have done this please email [email protected] telling us the live web address that you will be using for your site. Subject should be 'Go Live' so that we allow the incoming connection from your domain.

If you need any additional support with this part of the process, please contact the SubHub support team.