SXSW – The Biggest Internet Trends From The Worlds Biggest Internet Event

author/source: Miles Galliford

SXSW – The Biggest Internet Trends From The Worlds Biggest Internet Event - DAY 1

SXSW is the biggest gathering of geeks in the world. It's where future trends are born and discussed. These are the trends that I think are important and will impact the way people use the internet and do business online.


Here are some interesting things I picked up on day one of SXSW:

  • Internet (finally) goes mobile - The major change in the new media world over the next three years will be the shift from desktop computers to mobile devices. One speaker predicted by 2013 the smartphone will be the most common way for people to access the internet. While I agree with the trend, i’m not convinced it will happen this fast
  • Content time shift - Sounds like an episode of Star Trek, but it actually relates to getting content when you want it. TV recording is now so common, people are starting to take it for granted that they can watch what they want when they want. This trend of getting the content you want when you want will continue
  • Reputation management - A strong theme that is running through many of the panels is how important it is for individuals and brands to proactively manage their reputation online – you are who Google says you are. Today it is becoming impossible to control a brand’s reputation, but it is possible to respond to what people are saying
  • Women take over cyberspace - 60% of all activity on the leading social media sites is undertaken by females – they are now the major influencers on the web for brand. This leads to the next theme . . .
  • Influence the influencers - brands have to identify the most influential people in their sector online and influence them. This is far more important than all online advertising
  • In the clouds - Running big sites and web services on the cloud is now yesterdays news. This subject was big at SXSW two years ago. In a straw poll of one audience around 80% of attendees indicated they run their website or service in the cloud
  • Measure, measure, measure - Another major theme is 'measurability', particularly with respect to online advertising. Many of the new services being showcased focus on improving return on investment. The recession has accelerated this trend and online publishers better get used to it
  • Contextualisation - Search results and content is being filtered, based on the context of the end user. For example, if someone searches on a film title while walking down Oxford Street, London, the results will include local cinemas that are showing the film. The context filter can be location, time, previous searches, behaviour, etc. This is a really important trend for online publishers to understand
  • Quote: “A revenue funded business is more likely to meet customer needs than a VC backed business”. Makes sense, but is it true?
  • Quote: “No ideas are on the internet are completely new. Personal drive and execution are the best competitive advantage a start up can have” – Lorenzo Thione
  • Quote: “Attention is the currency of content commerce” – Brian Solis

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