Did you know that there is a two inch square box that 88% of people who come to your website will look at and read?
This small space on the Home Page is the most valuable bit of online real estate that you own.
Using it wisely can be the difference between success and failure.
It will have a real impact on your sign-up rate.
So where is it?

It's the two square inches on the left hand side of the page just below your logo. It is usually situated at the top of the left hand navigation bar.
I call this spot the Golden Square.
It is also known as the Google triangle. If you look at the eye scan image of the Google results page above you can see why. The red highlight shows which part of the page people look at first and spend most time reading.
The results of this study are fairly conclusive!
So if this square is so important, what do you put in it?
There is only one answer:
The most valuable action you want your visitors to do
For a site that makes money from advertising, this will be your best performing ad.

For a site that makes its money from affiliate commissions, this will be your best performing affiliate merchant

For a site that makes its money from selling digital downloads, this will be the best selling product.

For a membership site that sells subscriptions, this will be the invitation to sign-up and join
Use this valuable square wisely and you will increase the money that you make from your website.