Book Review – “Winning Results with Google Adwords” 

Google Adwords is one of the most important advertising tools on the internet. If you are serious about using this powerful method to promote your website, this could be the book for you.

I’m continually being asked about how Google Adwords can be used to market a website business.

I’ve been using Adwords now for three years and would argue that the only way to really understand how they can work for you is to sign up an account and experiment.

However, having said that, you will save yourself a lot of money and time if you take some advice from an expert.

The book that I use and recommend is “Winning Results with Google Adwords” by Andrew Goodman (Publisher McGraw Hill/ ISBN: 0-07-225702-4). It is widely available – click here for the Amazon listing in the UK (£16.99) and in the US ($24.99).

The book was published in 2005 so already quite a bit of the information is out of date, but the fundamentals remain sound.

What I like about the book is it is thorough, factual and focuses on building a successful long-term marketing campaign for your website. Many other books focus on tips, tricks and loopholes, many which Google closes as soon as they become well known.

You will learn how to build a relevant keyword list, write a great text ad and monitor the results of your campaigns. Try to implement the recommendations as you go through the book or you will have forgotten them by the end of it.

And that leads to the main downside of the book. Some areas, such as the history of PPC advertising, can be too detailed and laboured. This means that the book is too long and at 350 pages, takes real stamina to complete.

If you are serious about PPC marketing and using Google Adwords in particular, this is the book you should consider buying.