An interesting survey has revealed that there is not sufficient content on the web to satisfy some of the largest groups of internet users.

Burst Media undertook a survey to ask different age groups whether they felt that content on the internet was focused on them. The results showed that 18-34 year olds felt content covered their interest well; 35-44 year olds were split down the middle on whether content focused on them, and those over 44 clearly felt that the content on the web does not meet their needs.



The survey also found that over 35 year olds clearly felt that online ads were aimed at the younger age groups.



Given that most internet users are over the age of 35, this presents a huge opportunity.





The clear conclusion from this report is content providers and advertisers are missing an opportunity to target internet users over the age of 34.

Specialist information publishers should take note and look at ways to exploit this gap in the market. They should focus on creating highly age-targeted content, design and advertising messages.

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