Disqus - Take Control Of Your Members' Comments

We often hear from site owners looking to improve site interaction and user comments. Our preferred solution, Disqus, makes it easy for site admins to moderate and manage comments left by members and visitors. It's easy to install within your SubHub site, once you have created your account with Disqus.

The advanced comments feature will also allow your members and visitors to sign in using their social profiles, Facebook, Twitter etc. And because users have to log in to leave a comment, you will avoid having pesky spammers leave unwanted comments throughout your site.

Summary of features

  • Avoid spam comments
  • Threaded conversations
  • Social profile login
  • Highlight featured / favorite comments
  • Customise the box appearance to suit your branding

Best of all, this solution is free to use! Create your free Disqus account here.

Contact the SubHub support team if you would like to find out more about how you to use this with your SubHub site.