The irreversible trend toward the Internet becoming the primary source for information and content appears to be accelerating.

Research undertaken by the European Interactive Advertising Association found that 62% of those interviewed are now turning to the Internet rather than traditional media as their main source of news. This comes in the wake of Jupiter research that found that, on average, Europeans spend four hours a week online compared with three hours a week reading print media.

In the latest research, further breakdown of the figures shows that at least once a month 65% of European Internet users read a news site, 52% read local information sites and 51% visit travel sites.

In addition, 22% said they listen to less radio, 28% said they read fewer magazines and 40% said they watch less TV.

This bodes well for online publishers and off-line publishers that are starting to embrace the Web. The future is not so rosy for traditional publishers, which are trying to swim against the Internet tide.