Forums that cover your niche subject are an important resource that can help you run your business.

You can use them for:

  • Networking with people who share your interests
  • Get content ideas by following which conversations attract the most interest
  • Drive people directly to your website by putting links in your posts and signature
  • Getting questions answered
  • Finding potential content contributors
  • Finding partners who can help you commercialise your website e.g. by jointly writing books, creating courses, etc.
  • Getting valuable back links to your website from links in your posts
  • Find people who can help you with your business e.g. web designers, marketers, etc.

Forum Etiquette

  • Before participating in a forum spend time following some threads to get a feel for how it works
  • Try to make thoughtful and valuable comments
  • Avoid pointless and meaningless comments like ‘good post’, ‘I agree’, ‘lol’, etc
  • Avoid blatantly promoting yourself, your website or your products
  • Choose the best forums and participate regularly

How Can You Find Relevant Forums

My first port of call is Big-Boards ( This wonderful site lists hundreds of forums covering every conceivable subject.

Next I do a Google and Yahoo search on the subject keywords + forum.