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Free eBay Fee Calculator

author/source: Miles Galliford

I have noticed that a lot of online publishers are creating products such as ebooks, how-to videos, directories, guides and branded merchandise.

To generate additional revenue and also to promote themselves, some are turning to eBay as a sales channel. This is a good tactic.

A new website has been created to enable you to calculate how much profit every sale will make after eBay’s fees have been paid.

The site can be found at

The tool calculates eBay fees for 19 countries and is very easy to use.



Using eBay as a sales channel will:

  • help you reach an additional audience who you might not have reached through your other marketing activities
  • provide your site with inbound links from a PageRank 9 website for a short time (Note: remember to put your URL in your eBay entry!)
  • generate extra revenues


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