Usually the greatest influence on a website’s design is the logo.

It can help define the colours, the style and the personality of a site.

For this reason I often say to my clients before designing your website, create a logo that you’re really happy with. This can then become the cornerstone on which the website design is crafted.

Think carefully about the image you want your logo to project. It can have a major impact on how your company is perceived by your visitors.

Here are a few thoughts about logo design.

•    Make it clear and legible

•    Make it memorable

•    Make it distinctive and unique

•    Design it to reflect your audience. If your audience is teenagers, you can make it funky, bright and dynamic. If your audience is accountants, funky is not good

•    Pick colours that reflect what your company does. If you write about organic food, a good choice of colours would be fresh green and warm brown

•    Make the logo transferable across different mediums. A good logo should look equally good on a business card, letterhead and website page

•    A logo should look good in black and white. It’s a good idea to have a colourful logo, but make sure that it can still be read in black and white. It is likely to be frequently reproduced in black and white through printing, photocopying and faxing

•    If you use an image next to your logo, ensure that it adds to or clarifies the message the logo is trying to put across. For example an image of house next to an estate agents name adds to the logo, but a picture of a flower wouldn’t.

•    A tag line or by line can be a useful addition. Many logos have an associated phrase which appears under the logo. This can help clarify what the company does. For example, Hurst and Jackson, Birmingham’s #1 Estate Agents

Enjoy creating your logo, it’s a fun process, but don’t get too hung up about it. It’s easy to change, adapt or tweak a logo so don’t seek perfection the first time around. 

I believe that the most important thing about a logo is that you like it. A logo reflects you and so you should be proud every time you show it to anyone.

To get a logo done for around £100 consider using eLance ( or The Logo Company ( ).