Once you have decided to build a website, you should start thinking about a logo.

A good logo will influence a websites design. It will influence the color, the tone and the personality.

Therefore it is worth thinking carefully about how you want your logo to look and what message you want it to communicate. Take a look at the recent artcle 'How important is a good logo?' to help you plan

To help you with your logo design, Hewlett Packard recently launched a new, free webservice called LogoMaker.





The website enables you to quickly design a logo using a range of pre-prepared images and fonts.

The logos that you create won't win any design awards, but they will enable you to experiment and have complete control over the final result.




Once you have created a logo you can save it and add it to your website, business card, letterhead and mechandise.

Its a fun tool that is easy to use.

Enjoy experimenting.