How to Embed a YouTube Video into One of Your Web Pages

YouTube has brought video into the Web mainstream. While Internet users don’t yet expect to find video on specialist content websites, they like it when they do.

So how can you add a YouTube video to your site?

Step 1 – Find a Video Clip

First, search YouTube for a video that is highly relevant to your audience and is of a good enough quality that you are happy to display it on your site. There are so many videos available on YouTube that you should be able to find some that are valuable to your audience. For example, a search on “Internet marketing,” one of my areas of interest, came up with 7,580 results.

Step 2 – Copy a Bit of Code

Once you are on the YouTube page where the video clip is displayed, look for a field to the right of the player that says “Embed.”

Copy this line of code, and then paste it into the source code of the page on your website where you want it to be displayed.

Step 3 – There Is No Step 3. That’s It!

You now have video on your website without having to own or use a camcorder.

The video is still hosted by YouTube, so they foot the bill for the hosting and bandwidth, while your audience gets the benefit of watching videos on your website.

Getting a YouTube Video onto a SubHub Page

For those of you who use SubHub, here is a quick guide to how to embed a video into a SubHub page.

Once you are logged in, go to the screen for adding a new article. Write a title and teaser as you would normally do.

Next, find and click the button above the Body field that says “Source.”


Next, if you have not already done it, go to the YouTube page of the video you want to insert onto your site and copy the piece of code from the “Embed” field.

Return to the add article screen and paste this code into the Body field.

If you want to add a description of the video to the page, which I recommend you do, click on Source again. This will display the video player. Add your text below the video image and then press Save.

That’s it. You have now added video to your website.

The image below is a screenshot of how the YouTube video player will look on your page. (Note: This video is just a photo, so it will not play.)

Give it a try. It’s simple, and provided you choose the right videos, it will enhance your visitors’ experience.