Is iPaper the Answer to Online Publisher's Prayers?

Online publishers have had limited options available to them when they have wanted to post longer documents or presentations on the internet. Traditionally they have either had to create multiple web pages or they have had to create PDF documents which they make available for download.

However both these have their limitations. 

Creating multiple pages is clunky and provides a poor user-experience.

PDF’s can be downloaded and illegally distributed.

Now there is a free alternative called iPaper provided by a company called Scribd



iPaper is a document format that can easily be embedded into a page like a YouTube video. Website visitors can scroll through professionally presented pages.

The pages look great and the functionality like email a friend, print and embed a document has been very well thought through.

Other benefits include:
  • Pages can be optimised for the search engines
  • Adverts can be inserted alongside content
  • Documents can be made very secure to prevent copying
  • It doesn’t require any technical skills to implement and create documents
  • Three different document views; scrolling, page turning or slide show
However it is not a suitable option for very long documents such as ebooks. These are still best produced as PDF downloads or in a format that can be printed to be read offline.


iPaper is definitely a new and welcome option for online publishers and I would recommend that you take a look. I find it remarkable that applications of this quality are being offered for free!