Ways To Make Money From Digital Content on Tablets


Ways To Make Money From Digital Content on Tablets

Creating a tablet app may be a better decision for subscription and membership content services than mobile websites or apps. The increased screen size allows for easier reading of your content while still maintaining the great engagement levels of mobile.

With the recent announcement of Microsoft’s Surface and the imminent Google Nexus 7 tablet, the tablet market has blown wide open and companies creating tablet apps today stand to make a lot of money from making the choice to develop one.

What is different about tablet from mobile is that you are still able to keep many elements of great design whilst also maintaining focus on your content. For example many of the world’s top selling magazines and newspapers now have iPad apps - The Times, Forbes, National Geographic, Vogue - check out www.finddigitalmagazines.co.uk to get more inspiration from magazines that have dived into the app market.

There are five main ways of generating attention and making money from tablet apps:

  1. Make your app free but so only members of your site can log into the app - this generates more subscriptions/memberships

  2. Include those in-app purchases I mentioned before. eCommerce can be displayed anywhere, and it shows that you value your own content and brand

  3. You can include advertising within your app if it is popular and you want to generate money from other businesses. You can charge an advertising premium too because tablet apps are so new.

  4. Social media aggregation - though this is not unique to tablet apps, you can add options for users to share their activity from your app on social media sites, generating more external links and more people taking a look at your app.

  5. Location services. If your app user is connected to the internet you can ask permission to collect information about their location which you can use in other targeted marketing activities!


Tablet E-Readers
I’m also going to include ereaders in this category - the bestsellers are the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble Nook, the Kobo ereader and the Sony ereader.

With Amazon’s revelation that digital ebooks outsold hardcover print books across a recent three-month period, the ebook market is a great market to tap into. Consider collecting your best and most popular articles and editing them into an ebook format. It is quite easy to submit a book to and sell through Amazon to generate extra profit. It does not cost much to sell your ebook over Amazon and if you place it in an appropriate niche genre list you could become a bestseller!

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