Membership Management Feature

The membership area of your site has now been improved and provides two main new features.

1)    Query your member database
2)    Send a message to your members.

1)    Query your database

Let’s say that you would like to run a report that shows all members from the USA.  Firstly click onto the filter dropdown list and select ‘Country’, then select ‘Add Filter’ finally click the ‘Search’ button.

You can add and remove filters as needed to narrow down the data returned with the report by using the ‘Remove’ and ‘Add Filter buttons’.

2)    Message your members
So now you have found your US members let’s say that you would like to send them a message. All you have to do is press the ‘Message Members’ button at the top of the screen. You will now be presented with a message form, here you can type in a sender name, sender email address, subject and message. Finally just click the ‘Send’ button.

NB. Please ensure you type into these fields rather that paste from another application.

Why not try this out by sending yourself an email through this new feature.

You can also add comments to the 'New Features and Fixes' forum regarding this feature by clicking here NB. You will need to be logged into the support site to see this.