Monitoring Buzz, Using Reputation Monitoring Tools

author/source: Mark Ramskill

Monitoring Buzz, Using Reputation Monitoring Tools

As social media continues to grow in importance, as a highly effective, low cost marketing medium, so too does the number of reputation monitoring tools available to marketers.  While measuring the volume of engagement with your website is important, so too should be your understanding of what users are saying about your brand or products, across the social space.  In fact, it's vital to your overall business strategy!

In these times of recession the good news is that you can monitoring your brand effectively, without breaking the bank.

SubHub has selected the cream of the free reputation monitoring solutions currently available, for you to try out:

1) Addict-O-Matic - instantly create a custom page with the latest buzz on any topic
2) Boardtracker - track the buzz on any keywords within popular forums
3) Google Alerts - daily or real-time alerts delivered via email for your chosen keywords
4) HowSociable? - measure your brand's visability across the main social platforms
5) Social Mention - another multi-platform visability checker, including alerts
6) Twitter Search - Twitter's only search is great for tracking real-time conversations
7) Wiki Alarm - monitors Wikipedia and notifies when pages are edited
8) Yahoo! Sideline - A desktop application that monitors Twitter in real-time for your brand/keywords (Mark: I personally use this app and highly recommend it)

I hope you find these tools effective in helping you to track your brand and keywords across the web. 

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