SMARTS - Social MARketing Traffic Strategies

If you're not familiar with StomperNet ( yet, or with social marketing, you certainly will be after viewing this 50 minute video.

I'll let Don Crowther of StomperNet explain.

"Internet Marketing is about to change radically. In fact, it's already changed radically... and you / your business may very well ALREADY be suffering from these changes."

"But there's a silver lining to these changes... in many ways it's making Internet Marketing EASY again.  And I'm going to show you why we are going into a new golden era for your internet business."

You see, I've been doing business online for a long time - since way back in 1997. And I'll tell you this... a lot of things were easier back then. It was easy to get listed in the search engines. It was easy to get people to opt-in to your email list. It was easy to get people to link to your sites."

"The Internet was a different world back in 1998, and doing business online was pretty easy – there was lots of low-hanging fruit. I often think of the phrase “if I knew then what I know now...” "

"Well, I'm here to offer you a trip back to 1998 or so. Because the world of Social Marketing is SO full of huge “1998 types of opportunities” that it's simply crazy. And the only difference is the opportunities are even bigger and easier than back in the old days – because there are tens of millions more people online."

"So there is a once in a lifetime window in time here – my guess is that it will last 12 to 18 months, where you can get a big jump on your competitors. Where you can get that crucial “first mover” advantage..."

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