SubHub Client Profile: BekahFit

The fitness industry is booming, with jobs in the sector predicted to rise by more than 23% over the next decade.

Easy access to 24-hour gyms and downloadable mobile apps have  contributed to this rise, along with the growing number of personal trainers. Step forward, Rebekah Morgan.

Competing as a gymnast and dancer, Rebekah learned to condition her body at a young age and she has since turned her love of fitness into a passionate career.

She explains: ‘I started teaching aerobics classes 14 years ago while in college. Later, I started doing personal training and group training classes.

‘I have been in the fitness industry for many years now and it is constantly changing and evolving. It is important to stay up to date with research, education and technology in order to be successful.'

Evolving Economics

‘When the economy started to change about five or six years ago, I started doing less one-on-one training sessions and more group training classes.

'It was more affordable for people and it let me do what I love – group fitness. I ended up moving to a different state a couple of years ago and knew that I was going to have to start over with building a client base.

‘I had been pondering the idea of an online fitness site for about a year so I knew that the time was right. I did some research online and came across SubHub. They offered exactly what I needed and it's extremely cost effectiveSubHub walked me through the entire set up process for my site

‘There were some struggles in the beginning because I had to figure some things out with my computer, my video hosting site and other technological issues. I started filming workouts each week and would add them to my website under specific categories. Many of my past clients signed up immediately and loved the workouts.

‘I chose to keep the subscription price for low, at $9.99 per month. My site has grown organically and I am very involved with social media, so the only advertising I have done for is through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.'

Loyal Following

Bekah has established herself as a fitness guru, and realises the importance of knowing her market. She says: ‘My passion is definitely women's fitness. Women are the most faithful clients/customers when they trust someone and believe in what they are selling. Women are extremely loyal and over the years I have developed a large following of women who want to change their body and get in shape.

‘The workouts are geared specifically for women. I design the routines so they can be done at home for busy Mom's with limited equipment and time. I use Facebook to create excitement about the new workouts each week and it lets me stay in contact with my members.

‘Women message me every single day letting me know their weight loss progress, or how much they love the workouts or how they can finally fit into their "skinny jeans." It's fun for me because I get to be as creative as I want with the routines, and I thrive off the feedback from my members. The next phase I would like to enter with BekahFit is a members forum and a store with fitness apparel.

‘I currently have 150 members right, but my goal is to double that number by next year.'

If you're considering creating your very own SubHub site, why not check out BekahFit for some inspiration? You could even sign up for her Butts and Guts workout.