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Who is the SubHub Service Targeted At?

The SubHub service has been designed and built from the bottom up, to provide the perfect platform for anyone wishing to put their content, knowledge or expertise online and earn money from doing so.
If you or your organisation has unique information, valuable insights or expert knowledge about a particular subject, you could build a content-driven website powered by SubHub.
Or if you already publish a print magazine or newsletter that you want to move online, this is the perfect solution.
Or if you have a popular blog or website with a loyal following, but no way of making money, switching to SubHub could instantly provide you with an income stream.
Or if you run an organisation that needs to distribute information to a membership base, there is no better service.
The SubHub platform is built ready to start making you money from advertising, ecommerce or subscription. It allows you to focus on one source of revenue or generate multiple revenue streams.
SubHub customers come from a very wide range of sectors and backgrounds:
  • Authors
  • Publishers
  • Consultants
  • Celebrities
  • Marketing Experts
  • Musicians
  • Hobbyists
  • Publics Speakers
  • Personal Coaches
  • Sports Coaches
  • Business Owners
  • Program and Course Developers
  • Teachers/ Trainers
  • Directors/Producers
  • Talent Agents
  • Fan Clubs
  • Associations/Societies
  • Songwriters
  • Writers/Journalists/Editors
  • Church Groups
  • Sports Clubs
  • Charities
  • Alumni Associations
Everybody has knowledge and expertise that is valuable to somebody, and the internet is the best platform to enable you to release that value!
If you want to know more please contact us today.