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What is RSS?

If you like pizzas, milk, newspapers and even your shopping delivered straight to your door, then you'll love RSS.

RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication' and is a mechanism for having news, information, updates and podcasts from your favourite websites delivered straight to you. 

RSS feeds provide headlines and information every time your favourite websites are updated.  In the case of SubHub, our RSS feed covers our articles.

RSS feeds are delivered to you using a variety of free readers, also known as aggregators.  They take all the RSS feeds you have subscribed to and give you the headlines from your favourite sites.  You just click on the headline to be taken to the full article, download, podcast or product.

Google Reader is a good place to start:


Once you have chosen your preferred reader why not try subscribing to an RSS feed and see how it works. 

Start with the SubHub feed.  Just press the button and you're away.