Our Vision

Our Story

Our Team

The Founders


Evan Rudowski - Co-founder

Miles Galliford - Co-founder

Carey - Development Mastermind

Chyrelle - Customer Experience Genius

Toby - Customer Support Swami

Steve - Business Development Pioneer

Mark - Marketing Visionary

Pete - Development / Sysadmin

- Development

James - Master of Customer Projects



In addition to the core team, we have many talented and loyal partners who provide many of the skills we need to be successful. Hosting and maintenance is done in Texas; design and CSS in Spain, Thailand and France, data entry in India, usability in Bristol and marketing in Marrakech (not really, we just liked the rhyme. All marketing is done in-house).


Next Steps?

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US Telephone:   1-800-344-4224
UK Telephone:   0845 222 0202
Intl. Telephone:   +44 20 7112 1609
Sales Queries:   [email protected]
Technical Queries:   [email protected]
Press Queries:   [email protected]
General Queries:   [email protected]