Subscription Model Used to Support Sustainable Forests

author/source: Miles Galliford
It has been widely reported that the subscription business model, which has traditionally been focused on information, is being adopted by many other industries.

Some early adopters, like Netflix and the cellphone companies, are well established but new and innovative subscription driven businesses keep emerging.

One that caught my eye is Driftless Farm's community supported forests project reported today on Springwise:

"For an annual membership fee of USD 550, members of Driftless Farm's Community Supported Forest get access to the abundance of a 140-acre sustainable forest along with activities, services and workshops. Fresh spring water, herbs and the opportunity to hike, explore and scavenge firewood are all among the benefits to which members have unlimited access, while selective access is provided to sustainably milled lumber, wild mushrooms, garden plots, camping, hunting and delivery of both spring water and firewood. Workshops for members, meanwhile, include beer brewing using sustainably grown hops and barley, beekeeping, maple syrup tapping and the art of finding wild edibles

Enrepreneurs should always be thinking about how they can use the internet and the membership model to revolutionise existing businesses and business practises.

Getting thinking!

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