At the HEART of Great Content

The first lesson that a student journalist learns at journalism school, is that every time they write an article, they should focus on the 5 ‘W’ s and an ‘H’:

•    Who
•    What
•    Why
•    Where
•    When
•    How

This guide has stood the test of time, for generations of journalists, because it has proven to work so well.

Having studied hundreds of specialist information websites, I've noticed some common themes which run through the content of the most successful sites.

I've put these themes together in a 'rule' which I call 'The HEART of Online Content', where HEART stands for:


As with the journalism '5w's and an h' rule, if you remember the 'HEART of online content' rule, when writing for your specialist information website, you will not go far wrong.

Make your content Honest…Exclusive…Accurate…Relevant …and Timely

…the HEART of great online content.