The State of Web Development 2010

author/source: Mark Ramskill

The State of Web Development 2010

The State of Web Development 2010 is a survey by Web Directions, of 1402 professional web designers and developers -- and includes analysis of over 50 questions covering technologies, techniques, philosophies and practices that today’s web professionals employ.

Keeping track of current web design and development practice is far from straightforward.

The goal of this survey is to try and look behind the statistics, and hopefully, over time, track changes in how web professionals design and develop for the web.  This is the second survey conducted, with more to follow.

For bloggers and website owners, it is important to see where web design and development is heading, as ultimately these new trends will effect the cms you use and the way you present and develop your website.

You can download the complete (anonymized) set of responses in CSV format, view a PDF infographic overview see just the results to all the questions or read the detailed analysis.

The infographic below shows some of the key learnings from the survey: