How much does it cost to build a membership website?

If you have a limited budget and no coding skills, then all-in-one website builders offer an easy-to-use, robust solution for launching a membership website.


Don't give away your knowledge for free

You've built an online following for your niche content. A membership website solution lets you generate revenue by putting your premium content behind a paywall making it only accessible to paying members.


Choosing the right membership software solution


You can either opt for a custom built WordPress website or an all-in-one membership platform.

Unless you have a large budget, bespoke needs and some technical skill, an all-in-one solution is the best option to quickly, easily and inexpensively launch your membership website with little or no headaches.

The downside of WordPress is that its functionality relies on plugins that need to be managed. These plugins can bloat a website, slow down performance and increase vulnerability to security risks.



3 Benefits of all-in-one membership software

While all-in-one solutions offer less flexibility in design and functionality than a self-hosted option like WordPress, the positives of lower website development costs, ease-of-use, customer support and security far outweigh the limitations.


Minimal costs

All-in-one solutions include the website, hosting, security and ongoing support. No plug-ins are needed.

beginner friendly

Beginner friendly

Website builders feature user-friendly software that requires no technical skills to build a website.

platform maintenance

Platform maintenance

Website maintenance, improvements and security are performed by the platform host.

Hosted membership platform costs are typically based on member numbers, storage and features


Deciding what type of membership platform to use


Every platform has a best use case. Choose your platform according to the membership model you plan to offer, the content you will publish and your member needs.

While many website builders offer free plans, they come with limited features, low storage, no ecommerce and basic support.

To unlock your website's full potential, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan.

What features an all-in-one membership platform typically includes:


> Use of a custom domain.

> Website builder.

> Integrated payment processor.

> Member management.

> Sell access to gated content.

> Dashboard analytics and metrics.

> Customer support.

Cost comparison of six of the best all-in-one membership software solutions

We highlight the positives and negatives of each platform, their best use cases and hidden costs.


Basic Plan $149/mo


While Kajabi has membership and course functionality, they are positioned as a coaching platform.

Kajabi features a full suite of built-in tools to streamline your coaching business.

Create packages, market your services, process payments, schedule meetings, host live calls, share resources and send follow-up emails are just a few of things you can do.

🖥 Best platfom for online coaching


Personal Plan $16/mo


Squarespace websites do NOT include membership which must be added at an additional cost starting at $10/mo.

The Starter Member Area plan provides one member area and charges a hefty 7% transaction fee on sales in addition too  the payment processor fees.

Squarespace is an option if all you need is a basic membership program with limited video storage.

🖥 Best platform for basic membership


Starter Plan $47/mo


SubHub specializes in membership and turning all forms of content into income. Its Starter plan lets you create unlimited subscription tiers and member levels to segment your audience and the content they can access.

Besides membership, SubHub has a course builder, e-commerce store, forum and landing page creator for your lead generation and marketing campaigns.

🖥 Best platform for robust membership


Basic Plan $199/mo


Uscreen lets you create a Netflix-style membership website to monetize your video-only content.

The Basic plan provides 50 hours of video storage, built-in marketing tools and email-only support.

Use of its community features require an upgrade to the $199/mo Growth plan.

There is also a monthly fee of $1.99 per paid member/mo.

🖥 Best platform for video-only content


Basic Plan $59/mo


Teachable is a course creation platform that also lets you bundle and sell your courses in a membership model.

The basic plan lets you create 5 courses but adds a 5% transaction fee on sales.

Teachable is a good option if you plan to sell only courses. However, realistically, you will need to upgrade to the Pro plan $119/mo which allows unlimited courses.

🖥 Best platform for course creation


Professional Plan $99/mo


Circle is a great community oriented website builder.

The Professional plan allows unlimited members with a searchable directory. It features live-chat and private spaces for member discussions within courses.

There are storage and participant limits to the live streams.

A 2% transaction fee is added in addition to the payment processor fees.

🖥 Best platform for community

How to start a membership website

Three tips on what you'll need to focus on when starting your own membership website.

simple website

Start small

Focus on the essential features you'll need to launch. Then gradually scale up as you learn to understand your audience's needs. This will also limit potential losses.


Keep it simple

Don't make your website too complex. A site with clear navigation enhances user experience, loads faster and leads to higher member engagement.

competitors insights

Check the competition

Gain valuable insights and inspiration from your competitors - identify trends, understand market demands and refine your strategies.


Frequently asked questions when building a membership website

What is a membership website?

A membership website is an online platform where users can access exclusive content in a private member's area by subscribing and logging in.

What is the average monthly cost of hosting a website?

The average monthly cost of hosting a website can vary widely depending on factors such as the individual platform, the plan level, features involved. Hosting plans can range from $16 to $400 per month.

How long does it take to build a membership website?

The time it takes to build a website depends on the complexity of the website. A simple, one-page website can be built quickly, perhaps in a matter of hours. However, more complex websites with multiple pages, features and functionalities could take several days or even weeks to complete.

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