Transform your knowledge into a profitable online course

Any subject, from meditation to digital marketing, can be developed into a successful online course. Offering courses lets you develop additional products catering to how different users prefer to consume content.

Deliver an engaging learning experience

SubHub lets you create and present courses with clearly structured modules and lessons. Keep your students engaged with video, audio, text and other downloadable content in each lesson. A progress bar tracks their lesson completion.

Create and sell unlimited courses for $47/month

Our Starter Plan, priced at $47/month, lets you create and sell unlimited courses hosted on your SubHub membership website.

Steps to create your first course



Plan your course

Define the course objectives, identify and research the target audience and gather relevant materials.


Create lessons

Develop a detailed outline, create engaging lessons and structure the modules for easy comprehension.


Launch & market

Launch the course and promote it through various social media channels to reach potential learners.

Create an online course and generate
an ongoing revenue stream


Courses are products that you can create once and sell endlessly

Online courses are incredibly popular and can provide an ongoing revenue stream to knowledge experts, coaches, trainers or anyone with niche expertise. Creating a course is an opportunity to show off your authority on a subject, build trust with your audience and expand your reach.

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