Easily sell or offer free tickets to your events

Create and publish your event to the listing page on your SubHub website. Participants can view all the details on the individual event page and then purchase or get a free ticket. A confirmation email is sent to every attendee.

Connect with your members by hosting virtual and in-person events

Hosting regular events is an effective strategy for building an audience by fostering engagement and reinforcing a sense of community. Additionally, exclusive events can be promoted as a perk for premium subscribers.

Establish your credibility and boost trust with visitors through free events

Free events can act as a powerful lead magnet to attract new members. They provide an opportunity to deliver immediate value, demonstrate your expertise and highlight the advantages of membership on your website.

Generate additional income through event ticket sales

Generate additional revenue by selling tickets to various member and public events. Offer webinars, private coaching sessions, in-person yoga classes, and more. Repurpose your existing content to create new sellable events.

Build your email list by offering free event tickets to your website visitors


Promote your website and build your mailing list at the same time

Growing a robust email list is one of the most effective marketing strategies that you can pursue. Offering free event tickets provides another opportunity to build your marketing efforts with a targeted audience that has already shown interest in your product.

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