What is Website Membership Management?

Membership management lets knowledge experts and creators monetize their niche website content and features by controlling access to it with a paywall.

Restrict access to your premium website content with a paywall

SubHub's membership builder lets you deliver exclusive content and features through a dedicated member-only area for your subscribing users.

Target your audience with tiered membership levels

Create multiple membership levels to meet the needs of your audience. Tailor the member access and offerings according to the subscription level and price.

Segment access to your member-only content

Structure your content access into distinctive groups. With SubHub, you have the ability to assign each piece of member content to its relevant audience.

Generate recurring revenue and one-off payments

Create an ongoing passive income stream by offering recurring subscriptions through SubHub's integration with Stripe and PayPal.

Get advice and insights to unlock the potential of a membership website


How to Start Selling Your Niche Content

Read how LovePrayTeach realised the importance of subscription simplicity and clear content organisation when selling their downloadable lesson handouts.

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