Internet Usage Leaves TV in its Wake 

A recent survey (Aug 2006) by the respected polling company, YouGov, has shown that internet usage as a leisure activity has overtaken watching TV.

The survey of 15,000 UK people revealed that, on average, people spend 23 hours a week on the internet. Eight hours of this time is surfing for information and three hours 26 minutes is spent doing email.

TV, on the other hand, now takes up an average of 19 hours a week ... and is falling.

The time that people spend consuming different media is finite and most people have established what that time is. Therefore, if one form of media starts to consume more time, it is inevitable that another form of media is being displaced.

Internet usage is displacing TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.

For subscription website publishers, this should be good news, but these trends have to be followed and analysed to determine their impact.